Colothera Ultimate Colon Cleanse
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4.5 Billion CFUs of Live Bifido Cultures for Colon Health*
  • 17 Colon Cleansing Ingredients*
  • Support Your Healthy Colon with
    3 Multi-Strain Probiotics*
  • Bifidobacterium - Breve, Longum,
    and Lactis
  • Includes 250 mg of Magnesium,
    a Natural Laxative Mineral*
  • Convenient Night Time Formula.
    Perfect for Vegetarians

Related Concern(s): Side effects if they do occur can include upset stomach, nausea,
vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence, or other forms of digestive discomforts.

Related Goal(s): Total detox body cleanse. Promotes regularity and relieves occasional

Colothera Ultimate Colon Cleanse: Active Ingredients

Magnesium (as Magnesium Hydroxide) (250 mg) (63% Daily Value)

Magnesium is a common and important mineral that the body needs.* Magnesium Hydroxide helps the body to draw out water into the bowel while hydrating and softening the stools.* This process helps the stool to pass quicker and easier while detoxifying the body of waste.* In addition to detoxification and cleansing, it also helps relieve occasional constipation.*

Slippery Elm Bark

Slippery elm bark is derived from the native Elm tree near the Appalachian Mountains in Eastern North America. Slippery elm bark creates a soothing demulcent or lubricating film that covers the gastrointestinal tract.* It allows the stools and other waste to pass more easily.* In turn, this unique ingredient is just one of many ingredients used in Colothera to help you get the "Ultimate Colon Cleanse" while detoxifying your body of waste.*

Aloe Vera Leaf

Aloe Vera has an abundant history dating back to the 4th century B.C. The qualities and uses of Aloe Vera have significant benefits.* Naturally, Aloe Vera helps detoxify the body's waste as a natural colon cleansing laxative.*

Burdock Root

This particular plant is commonly found in Europe and Asia. Burdock root has often been used as a natural detoxification ingredient.* It helps the blood stream by naturally cleansing the toxins that can build up in the blood.* In addition, this unique ingredient also helps purify the body and cleansing other toxins that may be found inside the kidneys, liver or the colon.* It also has a gentle laxative effect.*

Blue Vervain Plant (Verbena)

Known as GRAS or Generally Recognized as Safe by the FDA, Blue Vervain is typically found throughout the US and Southern Canada. Commonly known as Verbena, this tall perennial plant with purplish blue flowers is usually found on dry grassy fields near roads. This particular ingredient helps support a healthy liver and is part of the natural detoxification in Colothera.*

Licorice Root

Native to southern Europe and parts of Asia, the licorice plant (perennial) is related to soybeans, beans, and peas or otherwise known as legumes. Licorice root is a common colon cleansing ingredient and acts as a mild laxative for natural detoxification.*

Red Raspberry Leaf

This tasty herbal remedy is indigenous to North America, Europe, Asia, and some parts of South America. The red raspberry plant produces a pale-green leaf. It has a sweet and tart flavor, almost like black tea in some ways. Red raspberry leaf provides an abundance of natural nutrients like the essential B-Complex vitamins of A, B, C, and E. In addition, it's also a natural source of minerals like potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. Iron and antioxidants are also well known to the Red Raspberry leaf. This ingredient is essential for a healthy body detox.*

Goldenseal Root

Indigenous to Northeastern parts of the United States; Goldenseal root is sometimes found in shaded areas near the outside ranges of forests. The Goldenseal plant grows especially well in areas where the soil is slightly acidic and is rich in moisture. Goldenseal root is an important detox colon cleanse ingredient for the body.* It helps to tone the stomach (stomachic) while cleansing and purifying the body of toxins.* In addition, Goldenseal root has laxative properties for better bowel movements.*

Psyllium Husk

A vital and important ingredient to Colothera's formula, psyllium husk is a rich soluble fiber that acts as a natural colon cleansing agent for natural detoxification of the body's waste.* It helps the digestive tract by absorbing water and therefore hydrating the stool. The results of psyllium husks, provides a softer stool with easy bowel movements while supporting colon health.* Psyllium husks also helps relieve occasional flatulence and bloating accompanied by constipation or other digestive discomforts.*

Marshmallow Root

Originating from Europe, Marshmallow root can vary from size, between 2 to 4 feet, and typically thrive in an environment where dark salty marshes are recommended. Marshmallow root is a unique ingredient that supports the digestive tract.*

European Buckthorn Bark

An important detox colon cleansing ingredient, European Buckthorn Bark is an all-natural laxative for those who have occasional constipation.* It works by softening the stool for easier passing of toxins and waste from the body.*

Rhubarb Root

This particular herbal plant promotes "peristalsis", which helps your body's natural muscle contractions in your digestive tract to move waste and other toxins from your body.* This bowel stimulating herb acts as a natural laxative and is an important all natural herbal ingredient for colon cleansing and occasional constipation.* In addition, it helps support a healthy liver and bowel movement relief.*

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are derived from the plant Fennel and are indigenous to the Mediterranean, but can also be found in most parts of the world. They thrive on dry soils near riverbanks or the sea coast. The Fennel seeds of the Fennel plant are used to relax the digestive system while reducing gas and bloating caused by digestive discomforts like constipation.*

Ginger Root

Also known as Zingiber Officinali, Ginger root is a tropical plant that is found in some parts of East Asia and Australia. Ginger root helps promote digestive health while offering relief from flatulence and bloating.*

Bifidobacterium (Breve, Longum, Lactis) (4.5 Billion CFUs / Colony Forming Units)

Probiotic bacteria is an important and vital ingredient inside Colothera to help maintain and support your colon health.* While there are many forms of probiotic bacteria, the species Bifidobacterium has long held reign in the large intestine, also known as the colon. Bifidobacterium probiotic bacteria is more predominantly found in the colon than any other form of probiotic species inside the colon.* Two (2) daily capsules of Colothera delivers 4.5 Billion CFUs of Bifidobacterium Breve, Bifidobacterium Longum, and Bifidobacterium Lactis. This helps in replenishing and maintaining levels of Bifido probiotics inside your colon.*

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